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Footwear and Podiatry Accessories

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Griffith Foot Clinic stocks a range of comfortable and practical footwear suitable for the Griffith Foot Clinic environment. We stock footwear for men and women, our current range features: Dr Comfort and Revere. Our friendly staff are specially trained to fit shoes and we always measure your feet.

We stock:

  • NS-8 and Alkaline creams
  • Protective silicon toes sleeves and toe props
  • Pedi rollers
  • Rock tape
  • Shoe horns - short and long
Dr Comfort 1
Dr Comfort 2
Dr Comfort 3
Dr Comfort 4
Dr Comfort 5
Revere 1
Revere 2
Revere 3
Revere 4
Revere 5
Revere 6
Revere 7
Revere 8
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